Anemones FlowersIf you remember going to the beach as a kid (or even as an adult) and excitedly searching for sea anemones to swallow up your fingers after you touch them, you know how alluring anemones (sea or otherwise can be).

While floral anemones won’t try to swallow up fingers after they’re touched, they are no less exciting than the sea variety.

Anemones offer vibrant flowers in single or double flowers forms. Their many varietals offer a wide array of looks. The Blanda varieties have slimmer and more numerous petals than other varieties and most resemble the aforementioned sea anemone. Other varietals such as the Anemone His Excellency and anemone The Bride have fewer and wider petals but are just as alluring.

Anemones have both warm as well as cool weather varieties, allowing more gardens in different zones get in on the fun. They make wonderful edging flowers and the Blanda varietals are even rabbit and deer resistant!

By Elizabeth Threadgill