Flowers After Divorce

Purple Leafed Heuchera

Flowers After Divorce

purple leafed heucheraWe usually give flowers to our friends and loved ones after an accident or an illness to help brighten their day, but we hardly ever think about purchasing a small gift to help console our family or friends after a divorce.

As you know, the divorce rate in America is over 50%, so almost all of us know a family member, close friend, co-worker or neighbor who has recently gotten divorced. Divorce is often a traumatic experience, especially if infidelity or abuse are involved or if it comes out of the blue for one partner.

If someone in your life is in the midst of a painful divorce, consider cutting a bouquet from your flower garden and adding a little bit of color into their lives. The simple of gift of flowers will show that you care and support your loved one through their trying times.

Flowers can and should be shared during tragic and painful moments. They can’t make everything all better, but they can show love, which is one of the most powerful healing balms.