Flowers That Attract Butterflies

If you truly want to turn your flower garden into a magical place, consider planting flowers that will attract local Field of colorful flowers and a butterfly groupbutterflies. It can truly be a breathtaking experience to walk into your backyard on a warm and lazy weekend afternoon and watch beautiful butterflies fluttering around your garden.

The best butterfly gardens offer a variety of plants, grasses and wildflowers that support adult butterflies and their larvae. They also provide the right mix of nectar-rich flowers, shelter and sun. Not sure which flowers to plant? Here are five flowers that butterflies love:


These dainty, star-shaped flowers are a butterfly’s best friend and can also add a colorful and wild flavor to your garden. They come in a variety of colors, including white, pink, purple and intense red. They begin blooming in late summer for about two months and are known to attract scores of butterflies. These little flowers are perfect for small gardens and can even be grown in pots for apartment and condo dwellers.

White Dragonflowers

These pretty white flowers share a resemblance with snapdragons and are known to grow up to 36” tall. Their flowers are narrow and delicate and add a remote, reserved beauty to the garden. The white blooms will nicely contrast with the brightly-colored butterflies that this flower attracts in droves.

White Dragonflowers are best grown in zone 3 – 9 and can be cultivated in a pot or container if you want to attract butterflies right to your window ledge.

Butterfly Bushes

The name says it all. This easy-to-grow and easy-to-care-for bush will bring clouds of butterflies to your yard as well as humming birds. The flowers contain lots of tasty nectar that both butterflies and humming birds rely on for nourishment.

The butterfly bush is a flowering plant. Its blooms come in a variety of colors, including varying shades of purple.


These tall, bushy flowers get their name from their bright, golden color. The small flowers grow in big clusters that butterflies love to crawl over and eat from. Goldenrods are a cheerful and wild flower that are perfect for wildflower gardens or cottage gardens. Let them grow big and unrestrained to add that extra “free spirit” vibe to your garden and to give butterflies even more places to land and bask in the sun.

Keys of Heaven

Complete your butterfly garden with keys of Heaven, a beautiful flower with a bright red bloom that will attract butterflies all day long. Keys of heaven bloom with large groupings of delicate flowers that are sweetly scented and can grow quite quickly in zones 4 – 8.

If you’re looking to create a wildflower garden, then keys of Heaven are a perfect fit.

With any of these five flowers in your backyard, the butterflies will come out to play before your eyes.