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Our Top Five Best Smelling Flowers

Lily of the ValleyFlowers, with their vibrant colors and beautiful configurations of petals, give our eyes all sorts of pleasure.  However, some of them have a special resonance with our olfactory sense.  Our favorite flowers are those that are just as good to our noses as to our eyes. There’s nothing quite like walking into your flower and taking in a deep breath of wonderful floral perfume. So here you have it, our top five favorite fragrant flowers:


The phrase “stop and smell the roses” is around for a reason. Roses, in almost all of their various incarnations provide a rich, stellar fragrance. That’s one of many reasons roses are so popular as romantic gifts and why you’ll find soaps, bubble bath, body wash, candles, hand lotions and more scented like roses.

Lily of the Valley

These beautiful bells may be small, but lily of the valley packs a big fragrant punch. Lily of the valley produces arching stems filled with clusters of tiny white bell-shaped flowers. They are a hardy and easy-to-grow flower, perfect for first-time gardeners. Their scent is strong and pleasing, making them a great addition to any room of the home.

Bearded Iris

The lovely bearded iris is instantly identifiable by its proud ruffled bloom. These beauties bloom in a wide variety of colors and produce a wonderful, sweet scent that can vary by type. Irises flower twice a year in the spring and fall, giving gardeners twice as much color and pleasant scents. When the flowers just start to bloom, clip them and bundle them into a sweet-smelling bouquet for your home or for a gift to a special friend or family member.


Hyacinths are coveted around the world for their strong and pleasing scent. These fall flowers are harvested to make perfumes and other fragrant cosmetics and toiletries. Hyacinths open up their colorful bells in the spring and come in a variety of colors, including purple, red, white, pink and yellow. Tuck these into a bouquet to make it smell great.


If you’ve ever enjoyed the soothing scent of lavender in a body wash, hand lotion or perfume, then you already know that this pretty purple flower has a wonderful fragrance. Just catching a whiff of these flowers in your garden will help you shed the stress of the day. Lavender likes hot, dry climates and is resistant to pesky rabbits and deer.  At, our lavender bulbs are currently on sale, so order yours today!

Plant any of these flowers in your garden, and your nose will just be as happy as your eyes.