Size Does Matter – At Least When It Comes To Flower Bulbs

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Size Does Matter – At Least When It Comes To Flower Bulbs

A lot of factors determine whether or not your flower garden will be as beautiful and vibrant as you hope. Some of these factors include the quality of the soil, the time of year you planted the bulb, the amount of water given to the bulb, weather conditions, and shade and sunlight exposure.

One important factor that isn’t well known is the size of the flower bulb. That’s right, size does matter…at least when it comes to flower bulbs.

A bulb contains a certain amount of energy reserve that it relies on when it first gets started growing. As you can imagine, the more energy a plant can use to grow, the healthier the plant will be and the more flowers it will likely yield.

Thus, larger bulbs tend to produce larger, more robust plants that yield more and bigger flowers.

Bulbs are usually measured in centimeters around the exterior of the bulb, and there are set size standards in the bulb industry. For example, at, we always try to sell big flower bulbs so that our customers can enjoy spectacular spring and fall gardens.

We work closely with our flower farmers to obtain large bulbs in each flower variety that we offer. This isn’t a perfect process, but we believe that we are able to consistently offer our customers top quality (and big) bulbs.

If you are in the market for flower bulbs, it’s important to keep size in mind. There are certain vendors who choose to sell smaller bulbs so that they can sell more bulbs for a set price. Thus, they look like they are offering a better deal…that is until your plants come up scrawny in the spring or fall.

Regardless of what flower vendor you use, be aware of what size is considered a “big” bulb for the type of flowers you want to plant and then make sure you choose good-sized bulbs. If you’re not sure of where to find this information, you can always call our friendly operators at They can tell you what size bulb you should ideally buy for each type of flower.

Another easy solution is to purchase your bulbs from so you don’t have to worry about getting small bulbs. We know that good things sometimes come in small packages, but when it comes to flower bulbs, bigger is definitely better!